Company Depping is accredited by DIN ISO 9001 & SCP

The safety of our workers has the highest priority.

Our Safety Philosophy and Commitment to work safety.

The first and most important decisive factor for success is the attitude of (senior) management and supervisors. Their unconditional and outspoken Commitment of Safety must be demonstrated and clearly visible to all the Workforce in the Company.

More than 90% of all injuries, accidents and incidents are the result of unsafe acts and unsafe behavior.
A clear Safety Policy including transparent and ambitious Safety Goals and Targets, need to be defined and (regularly) communicated to all.
Safety has to be organized using all parts of the organization.


Safety Professionals

They need to be supported by Safety Professionals, as internal consultant to the management, supervisors and employees. This must be supported by a clear set of Safety rules and Procedures, known by everybody, applied and if necessary reinforced. Rules and procedures are there to be of help to protect employees against working unsafely.

Safety Training

Safety Training for all, both general training as job-specific enables employees to develop skills to improve working safely.

All elements as mentioned above will only work effectively if all (management, supervisors and employees) work with the right Motivation and Stimulation in taking their own responsibility to make it work. It must be clear to all that behaving safe is more advantageous than taking (unacceptable) risks in order to get thinks done. Primary source of this motivation and stimulation are (senior) management and supervisors.

For Depping GmbH, it is an absolute corporate priority to ensure that at the end of the day each of our staff members, and also those of our contractors, return home safe.

Guaranteeing everyone’s personal safety.

This philosophy is in particular, in the form of monthly evaluations of results conducted by the management, monthly safety audits in all divisions and units, the systematic investigation of all incidents, and regular trainingprograms.

The systematic pursuit of defined measures helps us to ensure constant improvement.