Depping Verwaltungs GmbH & Co. KG

Temporary workers and personnel leasing are becoming ever more a key pillar of modern human resource management.The know-how that electrical engineering graduate Hans Gerd Depping gained in the course of many years working on projects, predominantly outside Germany, was the reason he decided to found Depping GmbH in Osnabrück in 1992. Managing international projects in the fields of mechanical engineering, plant construction and materials handling showed him the way to go when offering his services to industrial companies, and it has proven to be a very successful way.

Commercial reasons on the one hand and the desire to consolidate the specialist expertise on the other gave the impetus to expand and restructure the company in 1999. The new administrative headquarters in the form of Depping Verwaltungs GmbH & Co. KG was moved to Rinteln, and at the same time, branches in Berlin and Schkeuditz/Leipzig were added to the Osnabrück-based Depping GmbH.Customer service and high performance are what drives the work of the 250 technical-commercial employees of the Depping Company.

This long qualified service provider has developed in many fields into a driver of the market, adapted to today’s flexible labour market. Rapidly changing order books and new working processes demand an adaptable staff structure combined with comprehensive human resource concepts. This is an ideal solution for HR decision-makers in companies, who consider it important to have qualified employees and who are looking for a reliable partner to provide them. Whether it be order peaks, changed capacities, personnel shortfalls or other reasons, the Depping Group offers individually customised solutions to solve staff bottlenecks in your field.


A great deal of care is taken to provide functional quality management and clear competence in the sense of service, performance and their implementation.The Depping Group of Companies has an exellent image The Depping Group focuses on its core field of expertise in the industrial sectors of structural engineering, facade construction, electrical measurement and control engineering, serving major industrial projects and mid-sized companies. It also provides just as great a range of services in the oil/gas field and for petrochemical plants.

Companies of all sizes find precisely the specialist staff they need at Depping, and numerous well-known companies are among the clientele.Depping has made itself a name throughout Europe, especially with smaller and mid-sized companies, with industrial sites in Italy, Great Britain, France, Holland, Spain and the Scandinavian countries.Its growing customer base, both in these countries and in others around the EU, shows that it works together successfully with partners on the market. The Depping Company has also been an international player for many years in the assembly of materials-flow plants and the automotive industry.

The Highly-Qualified personnel base, made up of specialist workers and technicians, specialises in a wide range of areas, is adaptable and highly motivated. The industry-specific demands on quality within the Depping Group always fulfil the market’s needs. Companies and their employees all profit from modern and efficient human resource management. As a modern service-provider, Depping offers top-quality concept designs and job security with highly-developed standards that accord with its certifications and its entry in the trade register.

Our customers appreciate the constant optimisation of our quality assurance measures by our quality management, and clear structures and responsibilities are continuously improving the quality standards we set ourselves.

Hans Gerd Depping
founder of the „Depping Company“